• Students must ride their scheduled morning bus run. When high school students and middle school students ride on the elementary morning run, it causes several concerns including, but not limited to, students arriving late to school and missing valuable instructional time, and overcrowding on the elementary run. High school and middle school students are required to ride their scheduled morning run.

    Bus Safety

    Although we possess a good safety record, we need to fully focus on accident prevention. The team of drivers, parents and students are once again asked to help with school bus safety. HCSD is committed to providing a safe and comfortable ride for all of our children to and from school. Please, pay close attention to boarding/departing procedures and general safety guidelines:

    • Be on time for the bus – 5-10 minutes ahead of scheduled bus arrival time.
    • Students should be visible as the bus approaches the stop.                                        
    • Do not approach the bus until it has stopped and the door is opened.                    
    • After boarding the bus, sit down in the first available seat so the bus can continue safely on its route.
    • Be courteous to the driver and other passengers.
    • Use the same language and behavior as is appropriate in the classroom.
    • Be respectful and keep the bus clean.
    • Remain in your seat and keep head and hands inside the bus.(The bus driver is authorized to assign seats when necessary.)
    • Do not eat or drink on the bus.

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